“Live Square” is changing its outfit of the construction to the outfit of start of activities

At the moment, the multifunctional Live Square complex at Gediminas Prospect final environmental works and interior finishing works are being completed, and rising its housewarming moods. Since the beginning of May, the premises have been rendered for the tenants of the business center and the commercial gallery tenants and restaurant operator for establishment and installation. The Hilton Garden Inn hopes to welcome its first guests during the second half of July. Customers who purchase apartments in the residential area of the complex also live with duties of the housewarming and there are berely 5 unsold apartments in the complex left.

As it was already mentioned, the premises in the business center were rented just halfway through the construction, and the restaurant operator was intensively looked for last autumn. According to Giedrius Brūzgė, Director of EIKA Property Management Department, the appearance of a restaurant operator before the opening of the complex – a great success. “In February, the restaurant and roof terrace operating contract was signed with the” Restaurant 4 ” team based in Palanga,” says EIKA representative.

At the moment, almost 200 sq. m.  premises of the restaurant are installing in the first floor of business center and about 250 sq. m. area on the roof terrace. “So far we would like to keep the intrigue and reveal the secret of the concept by the time of opening the restaurant. However, we believe, that we will be able to surprise the residents of Vilnius and the city by using the successful experience of three-year-old, breaking seaside seasonality “, says Vesta Žemaitė, Director of “Restaurant 4”.

The start of operations is in June, and the whole complex will be fully operational at the end of summer

From June the operations of Law Firm  “Sorainen” are  planning to take place in business center and shopping gallery, the first cooperation centre established in Baltic countries “Spaces”, Coffee Bar ”Vero Cafe”, pharmacy “Benu”, “Florisima” Flower Shop, Swiss Watch Store “Ženeva”, Tea Room “Formosa”, store “Narvesen”, and the first new concept store “Rimi Express”.

At the moment, there are a few more premises available in the shopping and entertainment gallery. “In some premises we are conceptually looking for a specialized food and beverage store with available space for degustation or a mini bar. in others – we are forming “boutique” type of fashion place and are looking for suitable candidates for this concept – G. Brūzgė shares the plans for filling the complex. Customers who have purchased apartments, now have the opportunity to implement home decorations and are likely to be settle in a new home during the summer, just like the last 5 unsold luxury apartments will find their owners.

The first guests at the “Hilton Garden Inn” are scheduled to settle down after July 15th.


The “Live Square” complex consists of 6300 sq. m.  of business centre with shopping gallery, 164-room, 4-star “Hilton Garden Inn ” with 250 sq. m. conference centre, residential buildings with 88 apartments. The “Unipark “, operating underground parking, is located within the complex and will be available to business centre staff, new residents, hotel guests and city dwellers. A unique public roof terrace which is the only one of this type in Gedimino Prospektas along with cosy square will attract to visit the complex.

Complex was started to build in 2017 in the autumn, the planned investment is EUR 49 million EUR.