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About the project

LIVE means living now. SQUARE states the living here.

LIVE SQUARE is the central area of Vilnius where life and innovations are vibrantly growing and cultural lives of modern city residents take place. This space awakes a sleeping part of Gediminas Avenue and opens it for active life, work and stay – here and now. LIVE SQUARE brings a dynamic and educated community, and inspires to invest in knowledge, ideas and people. Their interconnection.

LIVE SQUARE appreciates the present moment but it does not forget the past and is not afraid of the future. On the contrary, it took over everything that was the best in the past and now it lives in the future flair by experiencing the present moment. LIVE SQUARE is the only place in Vilnius which organically connects offices, shops, residential houses and tourist attractions.

LIVE SQUARE have opened its doors in 2019. Here located Hilton Garden Inn hotel (7,000 sq. m), a business centre with commercial premises (6,800 sq. m) and a residential house (4,700 sq. m) with 88 apartments.


Urban vision is to create a modern and city-oriented integrated complex for work, recreation and living. The completion of the urban area of this part of the city creates an active and viable environment enriching the centre of Vilnius with its architecture, public spaces, residents and businesses.

A covered passage is being installed in Dainava Street, where the main entrances to the hotel, business centre, shops and restaurants are. On the northern side, the passage spreads into an open public space towards Gediminas Avenue. This central part is like a gateway to the whole complex with its central public space covered with a light and graceful roof.

The facade construction materiality consists of a facade system of glass-aluminium structures with natural stone plates and aluminium composite hinges. Windows and show-windows are divisible by vertical pilasters emphasizing the height and elegance of a building. The roofs of the buildings are landscaped and used for terraces which open the panorama of a central part of the city.

The team of architects: Povilas Čepaitis, Dainius Čepurna, Valdemaras Bučys, Linda Šeženytė, Žilvinas Urbas and other members of UNITECTUS Group contributing to the project development.